Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hows about Swine Trek(?!)?

http://www.hawkeyebike.com/swine_trek.htm is the link to, yes, Swine Trek. I'm likely to do the 50 mile option on this Saturday, June 23 event (one can do 12, 25, 50, or 100 miles that day)...check out this website if you want to register. (Perhaps we could transit bikes up there together?)

The Trek starts at Pleasant Creek State Rec Area near Palo. I'm intensely curious about why it's named this way; there are no allusions to having to wear a pig hat, or eat sausage, or what...and, strangely enough, there is a CHICKEN dinner from 11-4 connected to it.

Separately, I've had knee issues of some concern this weekend. Last Thursday, my 19 mile ride on the Sac & Fox trail was ok until I did the quarter mile hill on East Post Rd. My knees hurt for two days afterwards. Yesterday, I did 46 miles on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail (it's cool to go under 380, and I've now been to Urbana!) But having had knee surgery last October, I'm starting to wonder. More work and more hills will answer whether I will actually be able to do RAGBRAI, now. We'll see.

All for now;



Lonnie said...

Bob, count me in for the Swine Trek, so long as I'm home in time to see the Fabulous Thunderbirds at the BBQ Roundup that evening. Might as well make it a day-long tribute to pork.

Sorry to hear about your knee. I just hauled my bike 342 miles to Kansas and back without ever getting on it. Shawnee was far too hilly and rainy for my liking.

Doug said...

I had my ankle rebuilt a couple of years ago and afterwards found it difficult to position my foot on the pedal. The ankle kept hitting the crank. I found something called Knee Savers (http://www.bikescor.com/product/knee.htm) which let me pedal with a wider stance. You might want to look into it.