Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The countdown is on

I just read on the side of the blog that RAGBRAI begins in a little more than four days. I can handly believe it's time again to spend a week in spandex once again. My training this year compared to last year has been less than impressive. I think I just hit the 130 mile mark on my bike. I don't think I will have to worry about keeping up with Doug this year...there isnt a chance.

Andrew and I participated (because I made him) in this event in Chicago called McDonald's L.A.T.E ride (Late stands for long after twilight ends). There were approx 5,000 to 8,000 riders and the ride started in waves and you ride around the city streets of Chicago ending by riding down the lake shore seeing the city skyline. The waves start around 1:30 in the morning. We didnt get going until almost 2am. It sounds fun right??? Just agree...

It was horrible...there were so many people on crowded streets that weren't blocked off and there were so many people who had zero road etiquette. People were crashing and running into people. It made me excited about RAGBRAI so I can hang out with those who are polite and friendly and have some respect for other bikers and cars on the road.

Mainly this post comes about as I am bored at work - I have plenty to do but the work gets a little boring at times - and I decided I would learn to post!

Lonnie, we'll be there early enough to load our stuff and you wont have to call us this year to see if I am coming or where I am.

Who knew the crazy people on RAGBRAI who ride year after year would be right - that it's definately an experience you love a little more after you're off your bike for a few weeks - now I can't wait for RAGBRAI 2008


Lonnie said...

Let the good times roll! Andrew doesn't know what he's in for.

Doug said...

Ah, but I haven't been on my bike for the last 10 days. In fact this week it has been siting in Lonnie's office so keeping up with me will be easier than you think. And remember that my specialty is really going downhill. May have something to do with my age. Besides, this year, Bob's the man with his new bike and all his in door training. I'm sure he's followed my helpful hints of 3 months ago.

See you all soon.