Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today we drove, tomorrow we ride

Team CoeBRAI arrived successfully today in Missouri Valley after a very long journey from Cedar Rapids. Everyone's luggage has been recovered and, so far, it hasn't rained, although there's a tremendous light show going on right now.

Several riders -- and bandits like my son -- rode to the Missouri River 12 miles from here to dip their tires. I opted instead for a tasty tenderloin at the Eagles Club, and a long walk to the RAGBRAI expo, where I scored a sharp Fat Tire jersey.

We are being most ably hosted by Jack and Kris Gochenour. Jack is a veterinarian and Kris, a Coe alumna, helps at the clinic. We’re staying on grounds that were flooded 15 months ago. Pictures and news clippings hung on the outside of their former clinic are eerily similar to many we’ve seen from Cedar Rapids. It’s encouraging to see how they’ve bounced back, though many reminders remain.

Nearly 200 of us are sharing the Gochenour’s yard, including Team CoeBRAI, Team Skunk from the Des Moines/Ames area and veterinarian colleagues of Jack, who has ridden RAGBRAI since 1996.

The Loes Hills in the horizon promise a challenging ride to Harlan tomorrow. Personally, I’m anxious to get on the road. More later, as time and circumstances allow.

More later, and photos, after I recharge the battery.

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Tom Hicks said...

I hope your first day was beautiful, full of great food/sights, and that your asses don't hurt too bad. Good luck tomorrow on the longest ride of the week and extra kudos to those of you who will complete the century loop. Sleep well and try not to wake up too early.