Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 1: An Awesome Start

From the terraced farms outside Beebeetown, to the Farm Boys breakfast burrito, to Elvis in Neola, to a walking taco in Shelby, this was my best RAGBRAI day in four years. Losing 50 pounds will do that for a person.

Sure there were hills aplenty in the 59-mile trek from Missouri Valley to Harlan, but nothing I couldn't manage -- and the granny gear never came into play. Brian Farrell, Kevin Koschmeder and I ventured out about 7:15 a.m. and by about 2:15 were in Harlan.

Several arrived sooner and some arrived later, but all arrived without the need of assistance. A positive start to RAGBRAI.

Our hosts in Harlan are Jim Bruck '77 and his wife, Julie. We're sharing their lawn with the Lizard Kings, which includes Coe alumni Rick Blackwell and Dennis Mumm. Another fabulous stop. It's always great to connect with Coe folks.

We just learned that there's severe weather in the forecast overnight, so I need to cut this short. Tomorrow is also the longest -- 83 miles -- and hilliest -- over 5,200 feet of climb -- day, so I should get some rest.

We're off to Jefferson, were we'll be hosted by Dave Hoyt '78. What is it about these late 70s Coe grads? With any luck, the entire town will have wireless Internets too.

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