Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 7: Rockin' to the river

RAGBRAI ended on a high note as I rode the final 53 miles to Le Claire with a bike-mounted IPod speaker system, a gift of the wonderful collection of riders who made up Team CoeBRAI. Though I couldn't find my IPod -- turns out it was in the camper all along -- my wife's had a sufficient collection of Tom Petty, ACDC and Green Day to keep me motivated.

The musical accompaniment and tail winds for the first time all week helped me average 15 miles an hour, a personal best. Several of us lingered in Eldridge, where a small army of rubber gloved volunteers made sure the port-o-potties were sanitary.

In Le Claire we dipped our tires in the Mississippi River, gathered for a group photo and loaded up for the return home. Several of us then met at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner, drinks and story-telling.

One of my favorite aspects of RAGBRAI is the strong relationships it fosters and this year was no different. I fully expect many of this year's riders to return again next year. I know I will.

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